Our Occupational Therapists have years of experience and training in various pediatric issues.

Fine Motor Occupational Therapy 

pediatric occupational therapy

Many children struggle with developing age-appropriate pen and paper skills needed in the classroom. Our pediatric Occupational Therapists have years of experience working with children to improve their written ouput (printing or cursive). Handwriting a complex process, which is why at Bumblebee OT, Occupational Therapists use a comprehensive approach to improve children’s  fine motor development, which includes:

  • Postural stability and core control.
  • Pencil grasp efficiency.
  • Visual-perceptual and visual motor-integration skills.

Gross Motor Occupational Therapy 

pediatric occupational therapy

If your child is struggling with his/her motor skills or has a diagnosed developmental delay,  Paediatric Occupational Therapy can help your child reach their developmental milestones. Some of the most common issues paediatric Occupational Therapists  assist with:

  • Torticollis or asymmetrical neck.
  • Low or high tone.
  • Delayed rolling, crawling, walking etc…

Feeding Consultation 

pediatric occupational therapist

Our paediatric Occupational Therapists have years of experience working with children who struggle with feeding skills due to various issues such as:

  • Very limited diet or “picky eaters”.
  • Children with severe food allergies such as FPIES.
  • Severe oral sensitivities or textural aversions.
  • Failture to Thrive.
  • Weaning off of feeding tubes.
We provide various types of  pediatric Occupational Therapy assessments and services beyond the ones listed above. We are happy to discuss your child’s unique and  individual needs and help you discern if Occupational Therapy is beneficial. Contact us to schedule a free 20-minute phone consult with a pediatric Occupational Therapist.